metric² simplifies Big data
The platform contains metrics, dashboards, monitors and alerts
for any application on HANA.
About metric²

metric² for SAP HANA, runs SAP HANA.

metric² uses responsive web based dashboards to display health and performance KPI's of your SAP HANA Database, Platform or Applications, so you can spend more time running your business, and not your systems. The application is perfect for startups, enterprises or developers wanting to monitor any data in realtime which is using or being stored in the SAP HANA database.

  • System Dashboard and KPI's
  • Alerts Management
  • User Friendly
  • Open Source
  • Flexible
  • Mobile & Browser = Anywhere
  • Perfect for Large Office Monitors
  • HANA = In-memory
  • metric² = In-sight

Realtime dashboards give your department insight into the performance and operational aspects of your systems, from end to end.

Alert Management

Alerts are simple to create through a drag and drop process, each user can create their own alerts to meet their requirements without IT support.


Dashboards, queries, alerts and widgets can customized to meet you and your business needs. metric² can be used On-Premise or in the Cloud.


Dashboards can be displayed on office walls on large format monitors to display key metrics and KPI's to encourage action, ownership and resolutions.

We want to make your HANA System the HERO system.

It's simple, our design goal has been to build a system which is flexible, yet powerful enough to change and adapt to your business needs as they arise.
  • Responsive Web
    Using HTML5 and responsive design, the dashboards, widgets and alerts can be viewed and configured anywhere and on any device.

With just a few clicks, dashboards and widgets can easily be configured to display data from multiple sources.

Data for widgets can be sourced from multiple locations. ERP, CRM, SRM systems can provide useful KPI data in OData format for easy integration. Netweaver Gateway is fully supported.

Fast and Easy

Over 40 ready-made widgets make building your dashboard simple and intuitive.

Custom Widgets

If a predefined widget does not fit the bill, use a customizable widget or use the platform to develop your own.

Social Media

If social media plays a role in the support and strategy of your organization, metric2 can help. Currrently we have a twitter widget with more to come shortly.


Below are a few screenshots of metric² but you are welcome to try out the online demo here.

Download the source code on GitHub here.
Download the HANA package here.
Mobile app

metric² Monitoring your SAP HANA Instances has never been easier.

metric² for iPhone lets you monitor your SAP HANA instances from your phone showing you alerts, core resources and important metrics. Wherever you are.

  • View CPU, Disk, Memory consumption
  • View open alerts
  • Insights into your HANA instance quickly
  • Add multiple HANA instances for monitoring
  • Clean and simple UI for basic admin functions
  • Push notifications for high alerts
  • Click here for more information
Who are we?

Paul Aschmann
Technical Manager

Paul is the founder and technical manager of Lithium Labs, the developers of metric².

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